Kraig Kleeman has analyzed and reviewed more than 25,000 sales presentations. 

His ability to assess your sales team & sales process is extraordinary.

Kraig is the originator and author of The Must-React System, the world’s most powerful selling methodology.  Kraig Kleeman will personally observe and document your team’s current sales process activities including, but not limited to the following: (i) introductory messaging (voice and email), (ii) pipeline building, (iii) lead qualification criteria and standards; (iv) lead movement from top of funnel to close; (v) customer facing presentation techniques and practices; (vi) tactics for closing; and (vii) systems and methodologies for tracking and analysis.  Kraig will analyze your team’s effectiveness at generating and following up with warm, inbound leads, along with its effectiveness at raw list, cold outreach practices.   He will benchmark your team’s activity against our critical competency checklist.

The aforementioned typically occurs via the following activities

  • Review and usage of all pertinent sales acceleration technology
  • Review of all call scripts, email templates, customer facing presentations, PowerPoint presentations, audio files (where available), and CRM generated dashboards
  • Live observation of sales team members performing tasks like cold calling, email creation and send, inbound lead follow up calls, etc.
  • 1-hour (one on one) interview with the Chief Revenue Office and each sales professional on the team, up to seven (7) total interviews


We will supply your executive team with a comprehensive report highlighting each of the following areas ranked either:  Mastery, Competence, or Needs Improvement.   Both quantitative and qualitative narratives will be included.  And the following items will be measured:

  • Overall sales process (top of funnel to close)
  • Utilization of of language (word selection)
  • Inclusion or exclusion of persuasion
  • Word counts in both written and spoken formats
  • Topical Relevance:  Usage of trends, metrics and outcomes
  • Live lead response rates (speed to lead)
  • Objection management tactics and techniques
  • Ability to control the sales cycle
  • Vetted / tested milestone selling model
  • Presentation Anatomy
  • And more

The Final Deliverable – The final deliverable will be presented in-person by way of an Executive Briefing to your executive leadership.  A comprehensive written report and PPT deck will be left behind as reference guide that will include supporting materials, findings, and qualified recommendations for sales process improvements.

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