If the late, great Steven Jobs taught us anything it was the power of external perspectives.  Rick Smith, in his book The Five Patterns of Extraordinary Careers: The Guide for Achieving Success and Satisfaction eloquently argues that the real winners in life are those that are intellectually curious.

Through his consulting practice, Kraig Kleeman has observed more than 25,000 customer facing presentations.  He has carefully, cautiously and comprehensively documented both practices that are both effective and ineffective at all phases of the sales cycle.  Further, Kraig has personally spoken to audiences in the hundreds of thousands through both his online and in-person platforms.  He has worked with the fastest growing companies in the world, and has analyzed how to accelerate sales through complex demand generation.

Kraig will review your current sales and marketing efforts.  He will benchmark your teams against best practices for process, and will coach you on strategies to leverage wages with excellence.

Because all CEO advisory projects differ and are customized, please contact us directly to discuss scope and duration.

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