The Call Center Deployment Model

Some years ago Kraig Kleeman completed his study entitled Optimizing Offshore Lead Generation for Complex Sales.  During the research project Kraig observed 4,650 cold-call presentations made from twenty-five (25) different call centers based in The Philippines.  Kraig observed 250 call agents conducting outbound calls and fielding real-time inbound calls.  Further, Kraig interviewed nearly forty seven (47) call center executive managers in the Philippines.  63% of all observed, call related projects were centered on B2C related projects versus 37% centered on B2B related projects.  During this observation period Kraig identified “pressure points” in the offshore, outsourced model for call center tasks, management and overall performance.  He has identified the risks associated with offshore  call center startup and development, and he has created The Call Center Deployment Model as the basis for his comprehensive consulting service.

Since that time Kraig Kleeman has started and overseen dozens of offshore, outsourced call center projects.  His consulting efforts have assisted his clients with leveraging wages with excellence and have created millions of dollars in payroll savings without any loss in productivity.  The Call Center Deployment Model is particularly geared toward deploying lead development teams that can swiftly and adeptly follow-up on warm leads that need immediately follow-up so as to avoid poor lead stewardship.

All phases of outsourced, offshore call center operations

  • Corporate formation
  • Location selection
  • Hiring / Recruiting talent
  • Compensation plans that retain employees
  • Employee retention strategies in general
  • Cost analysis model
  • Payroll distribution and tax withholding
  • All phases of initial project startup and transfer management
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